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Light Demolition

Best Demolition Services In Albuquerque NM

Junk Out ABQ has a trained team of experts to deliver professional demolition services in Albuquerque NM. You don’t need to do a thing. Our crew will handle every little detail!

  • Assessment. Show us what you want to have demolished. We’ll quickly evaluate the structure, so we can make a demo plan.
  • Demolition. When you’re ready, we’ll begin the demo. Of course, we take care to protect all surrounding property.
  • Cleanup. After demolition, our guys will load all debris into the junk truck. We take time to get every last bit of mess.
  • Disposal. Then we leave you with a clean space and haul all waste to the proper recycling or disposal facility.

Premium Demolition Services In Albuquerque NM

What does light demolition and cleanup cost? Junk Out ABQ makes it more affordable than ever! 

  • Fair Prices. We’re a local Albuquerque business, so our rates are fair and your money stays in your community!
  • Custom Quotes. Every client receives a customized service quote at no cost or obligation.
  • Available Discounts. Veterans and senior citizens get a 10% discount on all demo and removal services.
  • Payment Methods. You can pay for services with cash, card, check, or contactless payment methods.

One great reason you can count on Junk Out ABQ for top-quality demolition services in Albuquerque NM is that we’re a veteran-owned business. And needless to say, your local veterans know a thing or two about serving our fellow Americans. We have the strength to haul your appliances, the integrity to provide you with fair prices, and the discipline to do our best for you every time. So no matter what you need from us, you can trust us to do it right.



Our crew can tear down tons of stuff!