Homeless Encampment Cleanout Antioch CA

Homeless Encampment Cleanout Antioch CA

Homeless Encampment Cleanout in Antioch, CA are just one of the services we offer. All American Hauling works with different organizations to help with removing junk accumulated by the homeless.

Clearing out a homeless encampment in Antioch Ca. Although we feel bad for the homeless my client had orders from the city to remove the junk. When we say we can handle any size junk removal job, it is the honest truth. From a single load to an entire homeless encampment, the team at All American Hauling has the equipment, knowledge and man power to get the job done!

It is a messy job, but someone has to do it. When the city calls and needs a reliable team to come in and handle a huge mess left behind, All American Hauling is the call to make.

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Homeless Encampment Cleanout Antioch CA

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